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American Art Of The 20's and 30's

scover the strange centrality of our subconscious desires and fears. All this is completely new and unsettling, and art naturally reflects it. With so many interesting artists, some of whom time may j ...

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A comparison of The Aeneid and Metamorphoses

horrible sights: Grief, Disease, Old Age, Fear, Hunger, and several others. (Lines 356 - 379) These unsettling and dark words bring difficult images to the reader's mind. These lines foretell that the ...

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Metamorphosis - An attempt to explain the purpose of the last four pages in Kafka's book

place involving Gregor. First, a physical change occurs 'When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.' After that happened ...

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Described as "a thoroughly chilling and unsettling story" (Porter), The Lottery was written by Shirley Jackson in 1948. In a letter to poet ...

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Character Sketch of Miss Strangeworth: The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson (I do not particularly like this essay, but please get me to e-mail the original to you if you like it).

dmotherly figure in public; however, when she was out of the public?s eye, she became the author of unsettling letters based on assumptions. Proof will be provided from The Possibility of Evil that Mi ...

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Apartheid and the Environment

got an A good paperApartheid and the EnvironmentSouth Africa is a prime example of the stark and unsettling conditions that exist throughout the world among race, gender, poverty, and the environme ...

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Analysis of THE LOTTERY by Shirley Jackson

d controversy when it was published in a New York newspaper and for good reason. The ending is very unsettling and I would even categorize it as a horror story. The picture the story paints prepares y ...

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Report on the black death

although by mid-1350 it had done its worst in the rest of the continent.Adding to the misery was an unsettling mystery; that the people of the Middle Ages had no way of knowing what caused the disease ...

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Review of Gil Bailie's Book: "Violence Unveiled: Humanity at the Crossroads"

integration that follows in the wake of such terror? This worldwide escalation of violence, and the unsettling questions it raises, is the subject of Gil Bailie's book, Violence Unveiled: Humanity at ...

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The Victorian Era.

a was from the crowning of Queen Victoria in 1837 until her death in 1901, it was an era of several unsettling social developments. The unsettling of religious belief was one, which was lead by new ad ...

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Cause of World War II.

, Russia, and Austria-Hungary.Of equal importance was the rampant spirit of nationalism, especially unsettling in the empire of Austria-Hungary and perhaps also in France. Nationalism had brought the ... d by the decline of the Ottoman Empire, had produced several disturbing controversies. Particularly unsettling was the policy of Germany. It embarked late but aggressively on colonial expansion under ...

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"My Papa's Waltz" written by Theodore Roethke.

o bring two people closer but here it has a darker side to it that makes one realize the powerfully unsettling emotion.The poem is about a young boy waltzing with his father. One can assume that th ...

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Rosemary's Baby.

matic sequences. It is a completely homey, relaxed, normal setting which makes the horror even more unsettling because when it appears, it seems so out of place.The mood of the film is first establish ...

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Signs for people who may commit suicide, and if it is normal. Also included is how it can be prevented.

ion of a new family with step-parents and step-siblings, or moving to a new surrounding can be very unsettling and seem devastating. People will often try to commit suicide because it appears to be a ...

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Censorship & Freedom of Speech on Music

ive attention from the media due to their 'unpleasant' lyrics. As a result of these lyrics being so unsettling to some, these artists along with many others in the present and past, have been proteste ...

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Cry the Beloved Country, "Biblical Influence". Discusses themes of hope, forgiveness and suffering, along with Kumalo's reactions based on his background. Good quotes included.

eve. "For [the Lord] knew that there is no life without suffering" (261). This observation, however unsettling, is commonly found to be true.If hope and forgiveness are two of the pillars of life, the ...

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Robert Browning's "Porphyria's Lover"

In this essay, I would like to discuss one of Robert Browning's more unsettling poems, "Porphyria's Lover." The poem is a dramatic monologue of sorts, though different f ...

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Book report of "The Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller.

. Throughout the years, Willy becomes more and more angry at Biff for not becoming successful. This unsettling component in Willy's suicide is not the only ingredient in the pot.An unfaithful deed is ...

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The Use of Literary Techniques in "My Papa's Waltz"

her. The dance in this poem acts that way, yet the darker side of this waltz, which is a powerfully unsettling emotion under the surface of this poem, dominates the mood, and the love and intimacy of ...

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The Jaguar, by Ted Hughes

ilds up to the Jaguar by describing the docile animals around and creating the atmosphere of almost unsettling stillness. He emphasises this disturbing aspect of the zoo with similes such as 'parrots ...

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