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Evaluatoin of Anno's Learning Games. A little review of educational sowtware. Personally opinionated

the card game.GUESS MY RULE is a game where the student tries to classify a jumble of objects in a Venn diagram. The student needs to find commonalties between seemingly dissimilar objects and then g ...

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Graphic Organizers (brief essay about the use of grpahic oprganizers in the classroom...describes various types)

t organizers are used for different kinds of writing. The following are several commonly used types.Venn Diagram: This links two items by characteristics or attributes.The Venn Diagram describes and c ... attributes and characteristics of items (things, people, places, events, ideas, etc.) Suggestions: Venn diagrams are useful when comparing two things and for use with younger children. String or colo ...

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erms related to Set Theory.Understand some basic concepts in Set Theory, describing sets, elements, Venn diagrams and the union and intersection of sets.Construct and use Venn diagrams to show subsets ... ow subsets, complements, and the intersection and union of sets.Solve problems involving the use of Venn diagrams for not more than three sets.Instructions : Reading every topic carefully is a must. I ...

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