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This is a Compare/Contrast Essay on two vietnam veterans returning home after the Vietnam War.

Coming HomeWe have read many different perspectives of the Vietnam War from our Negotiating Difference book. Many veterans have said that coming home was a ter ... ugh time adjusting to everyday life, both drank a lot to help them forget what they went through in Vietnam.Whey they first returned home it was quiet; no party, no parade, nothing, they were very dis ... ht she was the only one experiencing the let down from the war.Bryant and McClusky each visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. While there, they felt a sense of belonging. They were fina ...

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Vietnam Memorial Interview/ "The Things They Carried" --Vanderbilt

Ryan Powers4/08/2003Dazed & Confused in VietnamThomas Allen Marshall was apathetic when he was drafted to serve the United States army in Vi ... .When I had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. two weeks ago, I jumped on the chance to visit Vietnam Memorial. Tom was walking with his family holding a sign that said "Proud Veteran against th ... about his sign and told him about my project and his family and I fell into conversation about his Vietnam experience. "Going to Nam is what the youth of our generation were asked to do, and we did i ...

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Chapter 1: Living With Art Essay Joshua McCoy This essay covers the impulse to create art, creativity and why it is important, and how can art turn a space into a place.

s: the influence of a particular feeling, mental state, and so on. One perfect example is Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in 1982. It is to honor all of the Veterans that had given there life for ... 25 B.C.E. for the materials that where used by the artist in that time period of art. The Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in 1982 is another prime example of art because of how it was made and ha ...

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The Memories of a Veteran

poem, "Facing It," speaks ofthe disturbed memories of a veteran. In the poem, thenarrator, a black, Vietnam War veteran, is visiting theVietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, D.C. Thespeaker ta ... ndeed, a comparison of the reflection in the wall tothe outside itself. He talks of being insidethe Vietnam Veterans Memorialagain, depending on the lightto make a difference. (10-13)While he is facin ...

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Half asleep, I stumbled on to Rochambeau’s school grounds. It

19 life-size statues of soldiers. It also has a wall with the faces of soldiers engraved in it. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a giant wall in the shape of a V. The wall has the names of all the sol ...

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Sir Robert Peel's Twelve Principles or Standards of Policing

ight slanted against morning. I turn this way the stone lets me go.I turn that way, I am inside the Vietnam Veterans Memorial again, depending on the light to make a difference. I go down the 58,022 n ... s that war leaves upon men. The reader can assume that Komanuyakaa drew upon his own experiences in Vietnam, thereby making the poem a personal statement. However, the poem is also a universal and rea ...

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Vietnam War Effects

emporary disability. Skin disease was a leading cause of outpatient visits and hospitalization. " ("Vietnam War Health Risks")."Pesticide and herbicide spraying was commonplace. In addition, Vietnam i ... s, high humidity and a monsoon climate. Approximately 20 million gallons of herbicides were used in Vietnam between 1962 and 1971 to remove unwanted plant life and leaves which otherwise provided cove ...

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