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DNA electropherises

er and mother.Electrophoresis begins with the pouring of the gel. The gel is an auger poured into a water bath. Combs are then placed in the forming gel to produce wells where the samples are then pla ...

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The permability of membranes in beetroot

at effects temperature will have on the amount of pigment released by beetroot when it is placed in water. After I gathered up all the apparatus I then had to use the cork borer, which was 6 mm to bor ... of beetroot as I am trying the beetroot in six different temperatures. I then measured out 15 ml of water into six different test tubes. I am going to use a thermostatic water bath to get the water to ...

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To investigate the effect of temperature changes to the activity of Enzyme Catalyses.

ringe (To measure the amount of solution)Diced potatoBunsen burner (can be replaced by thermosactic water bath if possible)IceGlass rodHydrogen peroxidepH 7 bufferVariable and invariable factors:&Osla ... constant.3.Pour 10ml of hydrogen peroxide into another boiling tube.4.Place both boiling tube in a water bath, add heat to the water bath until it reaches 80 ℃. (For 10℃. And 20℃., ...

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The effect of the halogen atom on the rate of hydrolysis

ly. A forth test tube will contain 5 cm" of silver nitrate. All four test tubes will be placed in a water bath set to 50°c. the test tubes will be left in the water bath for about 10 minutes so th ... t on clothes of on the skin the will not cause that much damage. The test tubes will be heated in a water bath so that there is no risk of the chemicals igniting, as some of them are highly flammable. ...

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Beetroot cell membranes

e beetroot cell membrane, I will keep the temperature constant throughout the experiment by using a water bath and measuring the desired temperature using a thermometer.PH: I will make sure that the p ... wash of initial pigment (excess juice) at the start.ApparatusPipetteScalpelSafety gogglesThermometerWater Bath3 250ml beakersColorimeterTweezersStopwatchTileRuler19 test tubes (9 in water bath, 9 for ...

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The Chemistry of Copper: AP Chemistry Lab Report

sk underfume hood.3.Add dropwise 15M HNO3 until solid copper is completely reacted.4.Place flask in water bath.5.Add 4M NaOH slowly until no more solid forms.6.Mix contents by slowly swirling flask.7. ... NaOH slowly until no more solid forms.6.Mix contents by slowly swirling flask.7.Place flask back in water bath, heat to boiling, and stir.8.Heat until separation of solid and solution.9.Cool flask and ...

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Science lab report on finding the boiling point of an unknown substance

d.Hypothesis:I predict that if we can identify the unknown solid, by finding its melting point in a water bath, and match it with the periodic table.Variable:Amount of the unknown substanceHeat given ... the equipment, and after checking that everything is safe, we start boiling the beaker filled with water, having a boiling tube with the unknown substance inside it. Since this is group work, and to ...

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Preparing of Aspirin

ic anhydride. Concentrated sulphuric acid was added to speed up the reaction. It was then heated in water bath, removed, let it cooled and product was collected by suction filtration. As product colle ... tablets requires only four ingredients: the active ingredient (acetylsalicylic acid), corn starch, water and lubricant.III.TheoryAspirin (or acetyl salicylic acid) is kind of ester, a group of organi ...

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Characterization of Nucleic Acids

obtained with a mixture of red color and eventually became yellow or orange after addition of warm water. For John-Wheeler Test, a violet precipitate was obtained and lastly for Phosphate Test, a yel ... tified and stated based on the results obtained from the experiment.2. MethodologyMaterials such as water bath, test tubes, evaporating dish, test compounds and reagents were gathered and prepared.In ...

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Ventilation and Oxygen consumption

emperatures: (25 C) and (15 C). For each fish,we prepared a 250 ml jar by filling it half full with water from the aquarium in which the fish was housed.we transfered the fish from its weighing beaker ... ch the fish was housed.we transfered the fish from its weighing beaker to the jar adding sufficient water to now fill the jar to about 80% of its capacity.We placed the jar in the appropiate water bat ...

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Organic Synthesis: Preparation & Analysis of Aspirin

at temperatures above 100˚ C Synthesis of aspirin We started this experiment preparing a warm water bath (around 85 degree C), and taking dry and heated 125 ml Erlenmeyer flask .Next step was pl ... cess of Crystallization we pour into flask 7 drops of catalyst H2SO4, and then we placed flask into water bath to heat up for 15 min.When mixture was cooled to the room temperature (around 30 degree C ...

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Investigating Solubility How does the solubility of Potassium Chloride and Potassium Iodide in water, vary with temperature?

How does the solubility of Potassium Chloride (KCl) and Potassium Iodide (KI) in water vary with temperature?AimTo observe solubilities of KCl and KI with water at different tempera ... emperatureIndependent variableAmount of solute (KCl, KI)ConstantsAmount of the solvent (water), pressureApparatus100g of Potassium Chloride100g of Potassium Iodide10ml cylinderTest tubes ... m Chloride100g of Potassium Iodide10ml cylinderTest tubes x 15StoppersGlass rodBeakers x 5Distilled waterSpatulaHot plateIce - to cool down the waterThermometer (0°C to 100°C) x 2MethodIn this ...

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Cell volume lab

od and Materials:We calibrated the conductivity sensor by measuring the conductivity when distilled water and 1.1% NaCl (338mOsm/kg) is added. We made sure that the conductivity probe correctly attach ... pened the calibration section of the program. We placed the conductivity probe first into distilled water and then we pressed "take reading". We inserted the concentration of distilled water in the ta ...

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Testing for Macromolecules

Protein solution, vegetable oil, glucose solution, sucrose solution, starch solution and distilled water were added separately into six marked test tubes. The volume added was about one finger thick ... onnected by another group with 5 drops of Benedict's solution added were heated all together in hot water bath.5. The test tubes containing samples were taken out of the hot water bath with test tube ...

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Kidney Stones: Acute Management

li of 2 cm or less are the ideal targets. Lithotripsy makes use of shock waves generated by an underwater spark discharge and focused by a hemielliptic reflector. The patient is manipulated into posit ... ischarge and focused by a hemielliptic reflector. The patient is manipulated into position within a water bath so that the targeted stone visualized on a fluoroscopic monitor is at the focal point of ...

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