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Notes on Freshwater Biology

are economically important.The downside of the proximity of freshwater to habitation centres is the waterborne disease or diseases with a freshwater vector such as malaria, amongst others.If we look a ...

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Bacterial Pathogens in FoodWaterborne Disease The Pediatric Bulletin Myrna R. Nieves, MD FAAP

Bacterial Pathogens in Food\Waterborne DiseaseThe Pediatric BulletinMyrna R. Nieves, MD FAAP ... terial foodborne illnesses reported by the CDC from 1983 to 1987 and the leading cause in bacterial waterborne outbreaks during 1986 to 1992 in the US. There are four species: Shigella dysenteriae, Sh ... ed in summer camps for the mentally impaired, among institutionalized persons, and on cruise ships. Waterborne outbreaks have been related to ingestion of water contaminated with human waste during sw ...

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Waterborne Diseases

Each year, millions of African's die from waterborne diseases. A waterborne disease is any illness that can be transmitted via water. Examples ...

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