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Canadian politics-- aboriginal politics in canada

tive rights that are important to their survival as a collectivity. Since the implementation of the White Paper in 1969, the Aboriginal people have fought long and hard over the past thirty years to s ... litical gains in Canada during recent decades."Thirty years ago, the federal government published a White Paper on Indian Policy that assumed the irrelevance of the founding treaties and argued for an ...

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Purpose of punishment.

hat we punish criminals primarily because they deserve it. The Criminal Justice Act 1991 followed a White Paper which proclaimed that the aim was "better justice through a more consistent approach to ... e by the threat of punishment. It is of some significance that from the evidence on deterrence, the White Paper preceding the Criminal Justice Act 1991 concluded that "it is unrealistic to construct s ...

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Child Abuse New Zealand

action in the past on child abuse but one of the current and hopefully, the most proactive is ''The White Paper''. It was first introduced on the 11th October, 2011, by New Zealand's Minister for Soci ... istries - Health, Education, Justice and Social Services. The paper was read in government with the White Paper and the Children Action Plan to be taken up as a serious piece of work to be implemented ...

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