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Calamity Jane

tempted to settle in the great frontier. For the men it was not only tough, but also surviving the "Wild West" lifestyle was strenuous. Shoot-outs were as common as computer viruses today. Children al ... h Calamity makes no claim to this in her biography some say that she meet and married James Butler (Wild Bill) Hickok, near Ft. Laramie and both set off to Deadwood. Much discussion has been made to t ...

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Wild West Vs. The Reality

10/2/14Destiny WhiteAPUSH5th1 October 2014Wild West vs. RealityIn the late nineteenth century, a new form of sensational fiction emerged. Call ... back for more.Despite the exaggerated violent stereotypes perpetuated by dime novels, the so-called Wild West wasn't quite as violent as we've been led to believe over the years. The image of the Old ... ose goal was to enthuse their breathless, eager readers back East to draw them toward the west. The Wild West era, in fact, was considerably less bloody than the violent reputation it has garnered ove ...

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