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Christian and Humanist Views on Biblical Morality.

rs. Living strictly by guidelines written over 2000 years ago seems a little irrational. Christian, William Barclay says: "The Bible is still relevant today because it contains universal and timeless ... what is right and wrong. These Christians would see morality as an essential part of human nature. William Barclay also said "conscience is the voice of God". Because we are social creatures who live ...

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es Version translation.Swartley's step #5: Consider how the passage has been interpreted by others."William Barclay: All these gradations of punishment are not to be taken literally. What Jesus is say ... ip;but [that one] is a murderer at heart." (Leininger 3)He is doing step #5 because he looks at how William Barclay interpreted the same passage, Matt 5.Swartley's step #6: Consider the message of the ...

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