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The Microsoft Case Simplified (bullet summery)

ice of Internet browser as well as operating system. Manufacturers have no alternative to Microsoft Windows. The production and distribution of another operating system is simply too costly and tediou ... ere are simply too many software applications tat must be run on Microsoft software (i.e. Microsoft Windows).·Microsoft's anticompetitive conducts include negotiations with PC manufacturers tha ...

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U.S vs. Microsoft

nother market where thy have stiff competition. Microsoft would use their graphical user interface (Windows) to sell their operating system (DOS) by offering discounts to manufacturers who purchased b ... ounts to manufacturers who purchased both MS-DOS and Windows. Microsoft also threatened not to sell Windows to companies who didn't purchase DOS.Netscape also filed a lawsuit against Microsoft accusin ...

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Microsoft Corporation:

t small. The world's #1 software company provides a variety of products and services, including its Windows operating systems and Office software suite. The company has expanded into markets such as v ... uniformly license its operating systems and allow manufacturers to include competing software with Windows. Microsoft is dealing with sales that fell short of previous years growth margin. They are a ...

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eveloped by IBM. It is IBM¡¯s relational database server solution for the UNIX, OS/2 and Windows NT/2000 operating environments. DB2 UDB builds upon the stability and performance of DB2 on ... IBM machines such as Sun and Hewlett-Packard as well as IBM hardware, and operating systems such as Windows (Microsoft), Linux, UNIX, and Sun¡¯s Solaris Operating Environment. It works acro ...

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