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Alterity and the actor.

The German theorist and critic, Wolfgang Iser (born in 1926),is a professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University ... ure can be said to mirror the cultural code which conditions these judgments.2. The Act of Reading' Wolfgang Iser (1978) published by The Johns Hopkins University Press pg 523. One question that came ... ial' Franz Kafka translated by Willa and Edwin Muir, New York 1969, 267-269.7. 'The Act of Reading' Wolfgang Iser (1978) published by The Johns Hopkins University Press pg 548. 'The Act of Reading' Wo ...

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Reader response theory and the

eader with having a performative role in the literary experience. Authors such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Wolfgang Iser, and Hans Robert Jauss are associated with the phenomenological approach to literature ... ys "the writer appeals to the reader's freedom to collaborate in the production of his work" (627). Wolfgang Iser echoes this belief in the need for readers' freedom in his essay, "The Reading Process ...

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Barthes versus Iser en Achebe versus Gilbert/Gubar

at ervoor zorgt dat de Tekst sociale (auteur, lezer, criticus) en tekstuele relaties overstijgt.ISERWolfgang Iser was een Duitse literatuurwetenschapper. Samen met Jauss was hij de vertegenwoordiger v ... of Africa: Racisme in Conrad's Heart of Darkness. 1977Barthes, Roland. From Work to text. 1968Iser, Wolfgang. Interaction between Text and Reader.Gilbert, Sandra et al. The Parables of the Cave. 1979I ...

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wide sargasso sea

lar historical moment'.[3: A literary theory which is developed by proponents such as Stanley Fish, Wolfgang Iser and Umberto Eco under the assumption that readers play important role in interpreting ... she 'acts upon the textual material in order to produce meaning' since literary texts as argued by Wolfgang Iser, cited in Selden (1989) contain 'blanks', to which Jean Rhys, as an 'actual' reader st ...

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