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The Working Poor Summary

The term "poverty" is defined by the Federal government as an annual income of less than $19,223 for ... e adult with three children (2004). This definition creates a rigid line forming two populations in the United States: those who fall under the line are poor and those above the line are not poor. Dav ... e above the line are not poor. David K. Shipler highlights the shortcomings of such a definition in The Working Poor: Invisible in America. As the title suggests, there is a needy population often ove ...

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The futility of art in society

The Futility of Art in SocietyIs all art really useless? Many may think not. It is what makes our or ... opening up a whole new way of understanding this extraordinary, beautiful and complex world, since "the artist is the creator of beautiful things" (Wilde Preface). But the quote "All art is quite usel ... ut the quote "All art is quite useless" is simply what it says, art has no real purpose. Throughout the preface of his philosophical novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde praises art. So why ...

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