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  • Liked it

    a well-done paper on market concepts, thorough and good information
    • 13/11/2004
    • 21:00:18
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  • Not really an essay

    sounds like a journal, a thought, that we all think about and know.
    • 24/11/2003
    • 18:27:25
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  • I like it

    i like that you have involved both for and against arguments, it gives us something to think about, i am for capital punishment, for those crimes, so brutal that it seems to threaten our society and your essay can let me seen into the aginst side. well-worded as well.
    • 24/11/2003
    • 18:21:50
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  • Tables and data organization needed

    a lot of confusing tables, need to put titles above the years and whatever the numbers were beside them, but yeah, you already handed this in so...good
    • 24/11/2003
    • 18:07:03
    • Score: 4 out of 4 people found this comment useful.