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  • A two page dissertation on abortion and its evils

    Although this essay seems to highlight the reasons why abortion is so inhumane, it does not really show the whole picture. For many abortion maybe a convenient practice, where little consideration is given to the unborn child. However, the issue of abortion for some maybe a very traumatic experiene and one that has not been taken lightly. This is a brief overview of abortion, which pictures western societies attitudes towards abortion as very matter of fact. However it would have been better to depict a fuller picture. There are many that have chosen abortion and have not treated it as a simple convenience. There are many reasons for abortion, which have not been mentioned here. My comments are in no way meant to be a criticism against the authors strong beliefs on this subject but merely a criticism of the issue of more than one view point, which could have been shown in this essay.
    • 11/04/2002
    • 05:56:52
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