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  • Very informative

    Wow! Lots of things cleared up there, good sources for your evidence and useful explanations.
    • 19/02/2004
    • 06:21:45
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  • Not bad at all

    You do a good job of explaining certain details by the author, however there fails to be any substantial evaluative points and I find myself asking 'So what?' for most of the essay. Perhaps better planning would lead to giving your essay a better structure and you would have more luck expressing yourself. This is solely focusing on the few negative factors and other than what i have mentioned this has the potential to be a splended essay.
    • 19/02/2004
    • 06:17:26
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  • Interesting points

    Well rounded essay, covers a wide range of issues however some of these issues lack depth.
    • 29/01/2004
    • 15:24:25
    • Score: 7 out of 7 people found this comment useful.