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  • Abortion

    The writer's thesis is very narrow, and does not encompass what points will be made in the essay. There is not really a thesis which confuses the reader as to the point of the writer. The writer's "main reason" for being pro-choice is not backed with factual evidence and is based on speculation, which weakens his/her argument. There is not much analysis of the benefits of abortion besides overpopulation. The writer makes himself/herself seem uniformed by overlooking pro-abortionists main argument of "A woman's right to choose" and the matter of women being able to do what they want with their body by not mentioning anything about this matter until the conclusion. I am left wondering about the relevance of FACEA and the discussion of various abortion methods. The writer states that "Most pro-lifers are anti-contraceptive," but does not cite a source or any statistics. The essay seems to focus more on reprimanding the actions of extremist pro-lifers than persuading the reader to become pro-abortion. The essay is in need of better organization and a clearer argument.
    • 08/04/2002
    • 18:27:06
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