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    If I understand correctly, the thesis of this paper is that Greek and Roman mythology are the basis for Christianity, or at least the inspiration.I would encourage you to elaborate on the similarities between Pandora and Eve. Could you go further and discuss the similarities of these two stories which might not be apparent on the surface level? Also, you provide no supports for your argument that Eve is an imitation of Pandora.Be careful not to get sidetracked. I'm not sure I understand the significance of the latter half of your second paragraph. What difference does it make to your thesis whether it was man or woman that introduced evil in each of these stories?I'm not sure a discussion of Disney is appropriate in this context. However, if you believe it is, you need to provide evidence to support your claim. What Disney movies are you referring to?Lastly, your thesis says that Greek AND Roman mythology paved the way for Christianity, yet both Hesiod and Homer are Greek authors. If you want to argue this point, it is essential that you include examples from Roman mythology.
    • 05/04/2004
    • 02:22:58
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