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  • Terrible Vocabulary

    Poorly written overall. "Mum" can't be used as a substitute for "Mom" in a formal paper. Bad grammar throughout. Extremely one sided: "when the urge to have sex cannot be overcome then the person involved should use a condom to protect himself." Himself? What about the woman in the situation? The same attitude is also reflected in the first paragraph.
    • 22/03/2004
    • 10:51:04
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  • Too Simplistic

    Short and opinionative with no sources for the statistics provided.
    • 22/03/2004
    • 10:41:45
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  • Works Cited

    "The Academic JFK Assassination Web Site." 14 May 2003<>"Lasting Questions About the Murder of President Kennedy." Rex Bradford. 15 May 2003<>Groden, Robert J. The Killing of a President. New York: Viking Books, 1994"The Kennedy Assassination." 13 May 2003. <>"Kennedy Assassination Home Page." 13 May 2003. <>Marrs, Jim. Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy. New York: Carroll & Graf, 1990
    • 22/03/2004
    • 01:13:28
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