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  • Great

    This essay was just the one I was looking for. Thanks. It was a bit late though... as I only recently gained the ability to read it in full, and my essay was due last week... :p Oh well. I got a good straight A+ for it. Maybe I'll enter it here in the section as well. A good comparison and... if we put 1 and 1 together, it could make a killer essay. I also with mgentry, it is high above its assigned grade. Great work.
    • 10/08/2004
    • 14:46:44
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  • Thanks for the help...

    This is my first ever submitted essay. Im glad to get all this feedback as it shall insure that my next entry to the site shall be better in a few aspects, mainly the ones posted here. If anyone else can add a comment on how I can better this essay, or just feel like adding a comment. Please do. Its great to read them... they really help. Thanks
    • 10/08/2004
    • 14:38:10
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  • Thx

    Thx for the feedback, Is there anyway I can edit the essay? I want to change a few things and I will add the bibliography, it didnt cross my mind in adding it to the essay.
    • 03/08/2004
    • 14:04:49
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