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  • Enjoy

    I enjoyed this essay because I think that the Salem Witch trials was a sad but interesting time.
    • 20/02/2004
    • 09:59:47
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  • The truth

    I think that this essay is very true. I guess one could say that I am one of those girls that this essay is talking about. I have a very low self-esteem but I am working with it and sometimes I take a step forward and then two steps backwards. But, in the end I know that I will eventually be able to overcome my disease called bi-polar. Everytime I see a skinny person it's like taking two steps backwards because I want to be skinnier then them or just as skinny. If I see people acting "normal" then I want to be normal and then I go into a deep depression and then I will hurt myself or want to hurt other and then I will maybe not eat for days or months. But then there are times when I am really happy and I'm glad to be alive and on those days I know that, even though I can't stop being bi-polar, I am slowly recovering and I will be able to defeat my disease.
    • 23/10/2003
    • 06:36:37
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  • Agree

    I totally agree with this mother because my mom is a single mom also and they both go through the same trials and tribulations.
    • 23/10/2003
    • 06:28:16
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