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  • How should we act as leaders in society?

    Editing needs to be better like the paragraph that begins "Machiavelli's book "The Prince"" has an error at the end of first sentence I think it needs to include the word be before "art of war". Overall I beleive you have good sources and good information. Personally I have never heard of this person and was pleased with the knowledge gained. I am not sure that your question(title) is answered in a way that can be understood as an answer. I am not an instructor and it is only an opinion.
    • 22/10/2002
    • 18:19:19
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  • Psychopathy

    This was very informative to a person who knew of but had no idea the information needed in dealing with and controllying those with ADHD. At the end you put AD/HD how is it supposed to be. I saw not so many editing errors though so I say this is the best paper, with sources (research), that I have read on this site so far.
    • 22/10/2002
    • 18:04:40
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  • Jezabel

    This is a great essay and as stated it is in detail. Yahweh, which means I AM, should have been explained more along with afew other thing to help readers that do not have good understanding on the religious side. More appeal to the audience, knowing that not all have the common knowledge you acquired and how about some sources (Besides the Bible). Great info otherwise and I was pleased to read it.
    • 22/10/2002
    • 17:56:28
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  • What is a Learning Disability

    This is a very short but interesting opinion of dislexia and thoughts of being a teacher. I would however expand on research and length.
    • 22/10/2002
    • 17:43:01
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