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  • Comment on book report on Abbot's Flatland

    This is a good report. Well written and easy to follow. Good introduction to what the book was about, at least it gives the reader an insight into the book before getting into the details.
    • 19/02/2003
    • 13:49:58
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  • Comments on federal vs civil bereaurcracy paper

    This is indeed an excellent compare and contrast paper, I am suprised you only received and 83% grade. Other than the fact that your paragraphs were a bit lengthy, the research was in itself was good. I would have given you at least a 90%. I thought you effectively covered all the areas on the subject.
    • 19/02/2003
    • 13:29:35
    • Score: 8 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • September 11 essay comments

    Not sure the opening sentence was 100% effective, but the rest of your introduction was great. The events of September 11 like you said unfolded before our eyes with the help of the media. To this end, how did the \"news\" media conform to showing fame and drama instead of hard facts (relevant to your argument)? The drama what I saw was sad emotions as the reporters realized what was actually happening. You may have contradicted your own argument, but it may fly to the unwary!
    • 19/02/2003
    • 13:06:09
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