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  • Nice work

    A very informative essay, which has obviously been researched well and critically thought about.*Applause*
    • 22/06/2003
    • 17:54:47
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  • Nice work

    I rather enjoyed this essay. But Genetic Engineering does open up a Pandora's box. How far should man go? It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The temptation to control the entire genetic makeup of a child is incredibly strong for parents. Who would not want their own child to be born with the best start possible? To quote a phrase from Gattaca "He's not different. He's just the best from both of you." In a society where Genetic engineering is legally practiced for human beings, wont the people lacking the finances to genitically alter their young, expose them to discrimination in the future?The National Academy of Sciences state that the tests that would necessarily be carried out on live human subjects would be too traumatising and the results too disasterous to begin to attempt for now.While genetic engineering may be possible for existing organisms such as our GM foods and "pharm" animals ... it will probably decades before man ever becomes genetically modified
    • 19/06/2003
    • 01:19:38
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  • I see logic!

    Guvna 23 has put his point across in a rather interesting way .. though i doubt he would score well for grammer and spelling ... perhaps the style was intended? :)Guvna 23 is right when he says "STOP". People in todays hectic comopolitan world should seriously consider what they are doing and make time for the things that really matter to them.But Guvna 23 might wish to consider that sometimes to feed the people you love, you might have to sacrifice time with them, spending it on work. Not everybody has the luxury of working few hours and earning big bucks.
    • 19/06/2003
    • 00:57:26
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  • Lacking specific examples

    This essay would be excellent if you could cite specific examples ... perhaps compare a 747 to a Concorde?Various aircraft would naturally have different designs to suit their various purposes.Perhaps you might want to include why the Concorde is being taken offline despite its record breaking speeds.
    • 18/06/2003
    • 20:42:56
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