Conquering the Adventures of Women.

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In paragraph six of Virginia Woolf's essay "Professions for Women" she describes the "adventures" women try to overcome. Woolf explains women must work to be free to express "her own experiences as a body."

Contemporary women today have less of a struggle with "killing the angel in the house" as Woolf describes in paragraph three of her essay as being the voice telling women they must be sympathetic, tender, flattering, not to let anyone guess they have a mind of their own, and above all be pure. The struggle in killing this "angel" seems to be getting more and more simple as each woman defeats her. Women today hold more executive jobs than ever before in which it is crucial to their career to speak their minds.

Women are more educated, more employed, and employed at higher levels than ever before, but they are still pigeonholed in "pink-collar" jobs.

According to the American Association of University women (AAUW) Education Foundation report, "women at work" women have almost totally achieved parity with men this is what makes the obstacles, ghosts, and prejudices easier to deal with.

When there isn't an overwhelming amount of "adventures" to overcome they become a minor problem, and hopefully soon no problem at all.

Book: Major Modern Essayists "professions of Women" -Virginia Woolf