Elevator Speech

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Elevator Speech

Novelette Anglin

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Recently, while running an errand at city hall, I ran in to a friend of mine from church. We both

entered the elevator at the same time. Ann looked at me with surprise and asked what I had been up to

lately. I recalled to her how I had often talked about wishing I had completed my degree. We both knew

how I was more than reluctant to enter the college campus scene at my age.

I said to her, "Well I'm doing it".

"You're kidding", she said.

I then asked her if she had heard of online universities. She had the same response that I did at first,

believing distant learning was not accredited studies.. I then proceed in conversation, telling her about

University of Phoenix, and how well known and definitely it was proven to be.

I mentioned to her how Axia

is a part of Phoenix University and Ipursuing my degree with them through elearning online, and now

finally going to be able to complete my degree

She in return asks me how this works does; she might be interested also.

I explained to her that all of the classes were held online. I told her that I was currently taking two classes.

I could join in the class at any hour of the day, any day of the week.

"How can classes be available at any time", she asked.

I explained to her that there were many students and that we used asynchronous communication.

Explaining that asynchronous meant we were on line at different times but able to each access the same

information at any time. "Like with email, you know, we can communicate with each other even though...