Fighting in Kashmir Revives Rancor in Pakistan and India (Summary)

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Fighting in India over land has always been an issue dating back to the second millennium and this sometimes has detrimental effects on trading. Today Pakistan is separate from India where as it was part of India many years ago. Pakistan and India often fight over Kashmir today and it is affecting their trade routs because neither country wants to reopen them. Although Pakistan and India were once together that did not affect fighting in that area over land, Aryans specifically would fight with one another. Due to the fact that India has so many trade routs and trades with so many other countries this fighting can cause problems.

Once again Pakistan and India are fighting over territory, specifically Kashmir. President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan spoke back in late September at the United Nations General Assembly. He said that India is tempting a competition between the nations to see who has the most powerful military prepared for war.

The next day, to rebut the presidents statement, prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee of India made claims that Pakistan is attempting to create uproar, trying to get India to make an admission. Since 1947 Pakistan and India have been at war three times and twice it was over Kashmir. Just after five months of a new peace drive India claims that no peace talks will be held until the attacking hinders from Pakistan. Excluding Kashmir, peace acts do seem to be working in surrounding areas which is a good sign. The fighting between Pakistan and India on the other hand does not appear that any talks concerning peace will be held any time soon. There was mention of opening air links a few months ago as well as rail links and trade but no one seems to want to make that happen.