Holocaust Notes

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MELTZER(4):Is it important to remember?

Yes, it is extremely important to remember, otherwise how will we learn from the past? Like Meltzer says the best way we can get to the truths is through the past, through past eye-witness accounts, letters, journals, diaries, all of it. Sometimes the past is a key to the future.

ROGASKY(8):What elements contributed to discrimination of the Jews prior to 1800?

One element that contributed to the discrimination of the Jews were anti-Semitism from Christians who unfortunately blamed Christ's death on the Jews. As a Christian myself I know this is totally untrue. Jesus was born to die. So if he was born to die how could the Jews be blamed? It was already meant to happen. They have no blame. For anyone to blame a certain group for the death of Christ is completely absurd. But throughout time Christians were lead to believe that Jews were Christ killers, pouring fourth relentless racism on Jews that still goes on today.

ADLER(14):Why were there relatively few protests about the treatment of the Jews inside or outside Germany?

There were relatively few protests inside or outside Germany about the treatment of the Jews because Hitler had said the discriminatory laws against Jews were a way for the majority of Germany to gain economic opportunity. This in no way justifies the horrible treatment and discrimination Jews endured at that time. If anybody was caught protesting against the Nazi's they were shot or arrested.

FREIDMAN(22):How did the Nazis use fear, threats and intimidation to control people?

Through threats and intimidation the Nazis could throw the people into such fear that they would do whatever they were told. In Freidman's story because of the deaf girl's family's fear, they complied with whatever...