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Executive SummaryThe aim of this plan is to develop the second part of the marketing communication plan for a consumer electronics and communication equipment company, Optus which recently released a video mobile phone. The marketing of video mobile handsets requires Optus to confront in detail the other 4 - 6 steps of the zero based marketing communication process which are; developing strategies and tactics, determining the budget and lastly evaluating the effectiveness. Firstly, the plan will initially do a recap of the first three steps; identifying the key steps, the target audience and objectives emphasising a strong link between company's objectives and strategies.

In order to accomplish the marketing objectives identified in the first part of the plan, Optus will use tools such as sales promotion; public relations backed by publicity and contract relationships. With regard to the media mix, the local FM radio stations will be used to do advertisements and Kyoto's on campus FM station Kyoto FM.

The print media forms to consider are Japan's most respected newspaper The Daily Yomiuri, teenager magazines like Shonen and Seiyo-Zasshi and lastly Kyoto's own university magazine Femini. Additional inserts reprinted by the identified advertising company and enclosed within other newspapers read by target market.

The print advertisements will show pictures take using the new video phone emphasizing crystal clarity. Through a step by step composition, the focal-point will be the simplicity and high-resolution of the 5 mega-pixel video mobile handset.

As regards media communication and planning, the target audience is very important. It is concentrated within Kyoto chain of Universities which mainly consists of generation X individuals (explained below) who are mainly targeted with results deducted from the empirical research carried out. In Japan, the handset market is very much driven by technological features, technical performance, and personal appearance (Nakata &...