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The jello won't jell A staple in dessert foods all over the world. It comes in many different flavors ranging from cherry to wicked raspberry and all who have it instantaneously crave more. Although it is quite pleasant to eat what is gelatin? Gelatine in basically a mixture of animal based proteins called collagen (1). They are two ways to essentially harvest the collagen from different sources, the acid process and the alkali process. The acid process is normally used to collect collagen from different skins of animals (pigs, fish) and on occasion from bone (1). The process begins with collagen being put in acid at pH4 (1) and afterwards heated from temperatures upwards of 50 degrees. This will denature and solubilize the collagen, after this they filter and dry the collagen for gelation and package it to different requirements as specified by the consumer (2). Gelatin that is created this way will have an isotonic point of 7-9 (3).

The acid process lowers the amount of hydrolysis of glutamine and asparagine amino side chains (1). The second option is called the alkali process. They extract collagen from hide and from animals are old at slaughter (1). They submit the collagen into caustic soda or a put through a liming process for purification (2). The alkali hydrolyses asparagine and glutamine side chains to their respective acids quickly. This causes them to have an isotonic point of 4.8-5.2 (2). After this it it treated with acid to achieve optimal pH level and further heated to become gelatin. From here the process stays the same in terms of drying and grinding before packaging and flavoring for customers. Gelatin is a liquid when mixed with hot water and forms a semi solid which is soft and flexible but also able to hold a...