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Dear: Congressman I am writing you this letter to explain my views on some issues that deal with every day life. The issues that I am writing you about are gun control most people think that you should be able to carry handguns and have guns period. I am strongly against that issue I think we need to have laws like if you have a gun you need to have a lock on your gun. I also think that every person that has a gun without a linseeds. If they get caught they should get a ticket or be punished.

Another one of my reason is that if every one had guns they could get made at people and they would just shoot or kill the person that they are mad at. So I also think that we should only give guns to cops like in the western age like in rose wood.

I also think that most of the people in the every day life should be in the army if they want to carry guns or be in some type army force.

My personal views on guns are that they are not bad but if you have one you need to use it with care you can't just take it any where you have to keep it locked up or in some type of safe. You also could have a lock on your gun so it does not go off. You could also keep your gun in safe so it does on not accidentally shoot some one or it doesn't get in the hands of a child.