Managing Innovation And Change

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Managing Innovation and Change Contents Executive Statement 3 1. Introduction 4 1.1. Drivers of change 5 1.2. The rational process 5 1.3. The software 6 1.4. The hardware 7 2. Alternatives 7 2.1. External sourcing objections 8 2.1.1. External indirect control 8 2.1.2. Competitive advantage 8 2.1.3. Time to market 8 2.1.4. Expense 8 2.1.5. Loss of investment 8 2.1.6. Job losses 9 2.2. Internal sourcing objections 9 2.2.1. Expert knowledge 9 2.2.2. Functional competencies 9 2.2.3. Perceptual bias 9 3. Functional consolidation 9 4. The importance of change 10 4.1. Maintaining market leadership 10 4.2. Expanding into new regions 11 5. Resistance to change 11 5.1. External forces 11 5.2. Internal forces 11 6. Response to change 12 7. Conclusion 12 8. Bibliography 13 Executive Statement From 1995 to 2000 the organisation has progressed through four divisional amalgamations and one closure, due to economic constraints, to reduce stock holding, maintain trading growth and retain the customer base that has proved loyal over the years.

These events have not only effected this organisation but all steel traders in South Africa, some to the extent of selling and or closing non-performing divisions to remain profitable.

As the group has been successful in these endeavours there are areas were the organisation can improve service to the customer, both internally and externally. By consolidating the staff into a single division at one physical site, restructuring the divisions reporting hierarchy, eliminating system duplication and incorporating newer technologies such as B2B and B2C the organisation will be able to maintain or even increase its market share.

Although the envisaged changes will not be without some resistance and trepidation but on completion of the specific tasks the improvement to the organisations stakeholders will be greatly improved. This will ensure that the organisation will be a contender...