Men and Women

Essay by sfck9 April 2004

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By and large, men and women in the country today would vote for a man against a woman for President, no matter what her qualifications might be. I, for one, am glad that this is so, for when a woman assumes this great responsibility, other women throughout the country should be qualified to help her carry the burden of that office.

This will require a far more general development of interest in public questions, past and present, and more willingness to serve in public positions than we have yet seen. Until women have had more legislative training, they will lack a very necessary experience. It is far more difficult to induce women to run for public office, or even to accept appointive office, than it is to secure men to fill the same positions.

This is not all timidity and modesty. There is a certain amount of selfishness in it--a feeling among women that their responsibilities have run along different lines and that they must not drop their age-old duties.

Of course, they not only must not, but they cannot. They ignore the fact that performing these duties has been made a great deal easier than it was even fifty years ago, and therefore that they are quite able to keep on with the old and take on the new. . ..

Now let us look at woman's qualifications.

There are unquestionably women today with sufficient education to pass on the score of education alone. It is only a very short time, comparatively speaking, since women have had responsibility as citizens. Now it is thought that many women do not care to assume this responsibility. This may be true, but the same can be said of men. Taken by and large, however, you will find more men than women...