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The Truman Show: 1) The target audience is from 14 years of age and up. Although this movie doesn't contain any x-rated scenes, it wouldn't interest people of younger ages. This is because this movie is more serious and thought-provoking. Younger people tend to enjoy less serious movies, while older people enjoy them.

2) This is a story about Truman Burbank. He has been filmed all his life, even as he was being delivered. Jim Carrey stars as the world's first baby to be adopted by a corporation. His every waking moment is within the bubble world that has been created for him. His show is broadcast worldwide and is said to be the longest and most popular running TV show ever. Unbeknownst to him, his entire world is a fake. Everyone in his life are fake people. All of them are actors: his wife, his best friend, his neighbours, and his co-workers.

Everybody is in on it, except for Truman. Every step of his life is traced and moulded by The Truman Show's creator, Christof. One day, he begins to radiate some suspicions... The first odd situation happened as he is getting into his car one morning. Out of mid-air, a light falls down and lands at his feet. He thinks nothing of it, except that it was peculiar. On his way to work, he has his radio turned on. The radio announcer said that an airplane had been losing parts. He never became suspicious about his world until he meets an attractive young woman, "Lauren." She tells him that her real name is Sylvia. Before she is taken away, she tells him that everything he sees is not real. He is bewildered and doesn't understand what she means. Years later, after his marriage with Meryl, he reminisces about Sylvia. He begins to take note of all the strange things that happen all around him. Truman is not as dumb as Christof or other crew members think. He begins to catch on that his whole life is a charade when he can't seem to leave town.

3) This show makes fun of reality shows, such as "Survivor". The Truman Show is a thought-provoking and daring drama. The Truman Show is a satire of America's fascination with television, and people's own willingness to be manipulated by others. This film has a lot of originality. Although the concept that some alien race may be watching over us like the audience watches over Truman Burbank has been explored countless times before, this movie is original. The Truman Show highlights that the real puppeteers might not be aliens but more realistic forces closer to home. The movie is about how some big brother entity watches over us, induces fictional phobias, and ultimately gains control over us. The situation that Truman Burbank is in applies to many people. Viewers within the movie who are watching Truman's life on TV are just as taken in by the media propaganda as Truman is about his life. Christof engineers both cases. Today, viewers who accept what is presented to them by their environment without questioning it constantly are in the same position as Truman. As Christof says, we all accept the reality which we're presented with. This film is thought-provoking, it makes viewers wonder about their world and think about how gullible we are to the media and the government.

4) The sound effects and music are excellent. The first sound effect, the falling meteor light is good. Every segment of music fits in perfectly with the scene that it accompanies. For example, when Truman is talking to Marlon about going on a trip, the music is pensive, slow and pondering. Another example is when Truman is telling Marlon about his suspicions.

5) There're many great filming angles that are used. An example is when Truman is looking at himself in the mirror and saying if necessary, he would be willing to become a source of food. I haven't seen many movies that have used this camera angle. Another example of a great filming angle is when he is on the dock, about to get on a boat. In this scene, a bird's eye view is done. Also, they aimed the camera up at Truman (who is on the dock) from under the water. At the end, when Truman reaches the end of his "world", it looks like he's walking on water.

6) The lighting is done excellently in this film. Every morning, the lighting is bright and cheery. Whenever Truman's in a pensive mood, the lighting is always darker. An example is when he's talking with Marlon under the dark, starry sky.