Organizational Behavior Trends

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This paper discusses the importance of ethics and technology in the managerial decision making process and work related stress. In the competitive corporate world of today, it is extremely important for companies to base their decisions on ethically accurate and morally sound principles. Since managers are the decision makers in the firms, the responsibility of incorporating ethics into everyday decisions lies with them, and, therefore, they play a key role in weaving ethics and morals into the company's fabric. It discusses two diverse topics- ethics in decision-making and technology-induced work-related stress. Any organization can be used as an example in the discussion of ethics. The paper looks at how technology is a gift but also an extra stress factor. When ethical scandals grip a company and in some cases technology causing them, that company's future and good name can be destroyed.

Organizational Behavior Trends

Ethical decisions serve as the primary basis for good corporate governance.

What is required for this is not a theoretical analysis of how ethical decisions are made in corporate organizations but a road map providing guidance towards such ethical decision-making. Taking decisions in a corporate organization is a critical performance factor for a modern manager. More so, when such decision must appear, as a 'correct' decision in the light of a strategic perspective. Managers confront ethical situations everyday, although seldom are the problems identified for them as ethical or moral ones. Corporate organizations pose major problems for anyone who tries to apply moral standards to business activities. In my opinion the field of business ethics saw a basic shift in emphasis from personal responsibility to corporate responsibility.

More than this, organizations need to develop ethical guidelines and to consider and reconsider these guidelines in the light of actual cases and perceived business practices. A set...