Out With the Old; In With the New: The Banishment of the Electoral College

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Albert Gore, Henry Clay, Horace Greeley, Samuel J. Tilden, Grover Cleveland, they may not be in the history books in the schools of America but they should be.(Electoral College: Are Electors Bound or Not) These were all people who ran for President of the United States of America, but lost. They didn't really lose because they all had the most votes from the people, but lost in the elector votes category. The people wanted them to represent the United States as President, but they did not get them. In all reality, the loser of the election became the President of the United States of America. These people were obviously great nominees for President of the United States or the people wouldn't have voted for them. In order for the wishes of the American citizens to be heard, the Electoral College must be abolished.

The Electoral College was developed by the framers of the American Constitution.(Electoral College) This is a very old way of electing Presidents. It was set up because the leaders of the United States of America were worried that the uneducated farmers of the Americas would vote for just anyone and not have any just reason for doing so.(EC) The framers of the Constitution also developed the Electoral College as a compromise between allowing Congress to decide the President and allowing the election to proceed with just a popular vote of the people.(EC) The developers of the Electoral College set the number of votes per state so that there could never be a tie between two parties, but they did not set it to withstand the possibility that of having a third party have a crucial enough role to be a factor in a race for the presidency.(Roznovsky, Nicholas) They put this...