Oxygen is one of the most important and abundant elements on Earth

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Oxygen is one of the most important and abundant elements on Earth. About 46 percent of the Earth's crust is oxygen. It is colorless and odorless and makes up about 20.95 percent of the atmosphere by volume. Oxygen exists in water as part of water molecule, in the atmosphere as a gas, in the Earth's crust and in an enormous variety of rocks and minerals. It can also be released from the plants through photosynthesis. Moreover it is very essential for life and is part of almost every biological molecule in our bodies. Without it, human life simply could not exist. Humans can live for weeks without water, and go without food for months, but without Oxygen, life could only carry on for a matter of moments.

About 90% of the body's life energy is created by Oxygen. In fact, all functions of the body are regulated by Oxygen. Our brains process billions of bits of information each second, thanks largely to Oxygen.

Other important benefits are that Oxygen appears to dramatically help nervous system response, promote brain function, relieve mental fatigue and restore mental clarity to optimal levels. This is due to the electrical conductivity of Oxygen. Furthermore, the human body must have oxygen to convert fuel like the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from our diet into heat, energy, and life. Through the process of metabolism, which is similar to combustion, fuel and oxygen are consumed, while heat and energy are generated.

When the body is deprived of an adequate oxygen supply, even for a short period, various organs and processes in the body begin to suffer impairment from oxygen deficiency. This condition is known as "hypoxia". It has been shown that any type of stress to the body will bring oxygen deficiency. TOXIC STRESSES (toxic environment), EMOTIONAL STRESS...