It's a Business

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It's a Business

The F.B.I. defines organized crime as "any group having some manner of a formalized structure and whose primary objective is to obtain money through illegal activities. Such groups maintain their position through the use of actual or threatened violence, corrupt public officials, graft, or extortion, and generally have a significant impact on the people in their locales, region, or the country as a whole.'' Basically, the F.B.I is trying to say that organized crime is an "off the books" business that generates upwards to one trillion dollars a year. This unseen business stretches around the world employing all types of people. Organized crime attracts individuals from all walks of life to take part in its methodically thought out business.

Across the world and since the beginning of time, people have taken part in this under the radar type business. Famously synonymous with organized crime is the legendary Al Capone.

Credited as the most notorious gangster in American history, Mr. Capone has rightfully earned that status. He performed heinous events in order to quickly move up the ranks within the Outfit, the Chicago mob. Allegedly, he has been credited with running prostitution houses, opening speakeasies and famously planning the St. Valentines Day Massacre in which seven members of a rival gang were brutally murdered in broad daylight. Surely the "unique" resume Al Capone built up in Chicago would enable him to get whatever job he desires, but he decided to remain in the business he was currently self-employed.

Al Capone's involvement in organized crime can be traced back to his youth growing up in Brooklyn, New York. His parents had just immigrated to America and were settling into their newfound environment all the while raising young Al. No particular event or mental disorder acted...