A Scrutiny of Subservient Collapse

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Women are known as worthless subordinate of man’s property. In Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Women, she believed women should represent themselves as a valuable, identical individual but not gain the power over men. Wollstonecraft declared that women have the same virtue as men do, but the false education system limited women’s virtue and led women to become mindlessness. Women should value equally regardless of their role. Wollstonecraft believes education cannot just amplify the knowledge of shaping individual’s role but also complete a virtue individual which is a mindfulness human creature instead of a sexual creature. She strongly deemed that proper education system should be established with the intention of shaping women to develop a mindfulness individual who has the freedom of independence but at the same time being as a wife and a mother to fulfill the essential of a citizen.

The belief of Wollstonecraft is that a change in the educational system will improve and settle the desire of freewill in which women will be able to choose their destiny.

In the earlier chapter from Wollstonecraft’s text, she mentioned that since their infancy, women were teaching to form their softness on top of their displeasure and form absolutely obedience to attract and pleasure the men. In Christine De Pizon’s early life, her mother taught her how to be a wife and be a mother. Her mother did not want her to have education because women did not need to learn things beyond being a mother and a wife based on the society’s structure. Even though Pizon was able to learn eventually, her ability did not gain an equal opportunity due to limited access. This was a formation of becoming mindlessness which Wollstonecraft criticized as a deprival of women’s soul. She believed a woman...