Truck / a real life story of the sentimental value of a young man's first truck.

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My Truck

It was a hot summer day when my grandfather suggested that I should drive that truck. It was an old Chevy ranch truck. I know my grandfather just wanted to get it off of his property. I got it for about twenty dollars. Of course it needed some work. I was driving it back home about ½ mile away, and as I was turning into my lane, the piece of crap broke down. I grabbed the dodge and dieseled it home.

First thing first, I popped the hood. Out came the alternator, power steering pump, radiator, and water pump, In went the new parts. I started it, and it started. It ran for a few minutes, and then it died. I checked the gas flow. I checked the ignition. I checked the fuel filter. None of these were the problem. I checked the plugs and as I pulled off the ignition wire th plug broke.

I took the plug up and saw that it had some petroleum carbonate buildup. The engine called for an 18 plug. I put an 45 in it. Just like i say and many others, "go big or go home."

The gas mileage is awful. I get between five and seven miles to the gallon. The color is awful. It has a sun hardened tan with the rust of many scrapes streaking through the tan paint. The carrier bearing in transmission squeals whenever I am at a stop sign. The clutch squeaks, and is very hard to push in. The syncros on reverse are non-sycronized. The AC and lack there of would grind, until I cut off the belt on the nonexistent AC. The Brights on the headlights, well I bet you can guess. . . They do not work. I have a big...