Is Whey Protein the way to go?-Research Paper on the benefits and drawbacks of using whey protein for weight training.

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Is Whey Protein the way to go?


Whey protein has become one of the most popular and safe ways in achieving "optimal health". Whey protein is also used to gain an "edge" is sport related activities along with bodybuilding. But where exactly does whey protein come from? Whey protein is a co-product of cheese, which is naturally in cow's milk. (Vardhanabhuti 1999) However, whey protein is not the only protein available from cow's milk. Casein is the other protein obtained threw cow's milk. Casein accounts for eighty percent of the protein found in cow's milk while whey only accounts for twenty percent. However whey protein is the most beneficial protein out of the two. Actually whey proteins are the best source of protein known to man. The other types of protein such as wheat, egg, casein, bovine colostrums, and ovalbumin do not have the excellent metabolic efficiency that whey has naturally.(Pasin

2000) However, other proteins such soy and egg are a good alternative to whey for people who are dieting or allergic to milk products. Whey protein is also popular to people who are only vegetarians or vegans.

History of whey protein

Not long ago, whey protein was seen as a worthless co-product from cheese which was thrown away. This happened until the early 1990's when bodybuilders realized the nutritional benefits of whey protein. (Neville 2001) Once this happened the "protein bar revolution began to provide a portable and convenient delivery system for specific nutrients such as whey protein." (Neville 2001) Ultra Whey 99 is the protein most widely used because it "provides good-quality protein in a concentrated form with little associated fat or lactose." (Neville 2001) Protein bars are also easy to buy and consume when time is at a minimum.


Protein is an important nutrient used...