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What is Convection and why Convection can't [simply] happen in solids?

in solids. Why?Because there are no free molecules.Examples of convection1.Domestic hot water systemCold water in the tanks is heated by electric element at the bottom. The hot water molecule at the b ... is heated by electric element at the bottom. The hot water molecule at the bottom raises up and the cold upper molecules sinks to the bottom. These are also heated and become hot and starts to rise up ...

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Subject: Title: Morning Beach. Its a description essay about the morning site on beach, Referres the beauty of nature.

the spray of water splashed on my skin, refreshing it was, I felt like as if I had drunk a glass of cold water on a hot summer day, and it drove the worm of sleepiness out of my mind. The salty air bl ...

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This paper is a biographical essay on Harper Lee, a hard paper to write, Harper Lee kept to herself and there is not much information on her.

n order to concentrate on writing Harper Lee gave up her position with the airline and moved into a cold-water apartment with makeshift furniture. Her father's sudden illness forced her to divide her ...

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Does WARM water freeze quicker than COLD water!!!

Does warm water freeze faster than cold water?Experimental evidence seems to indicate that hot water does indeed freeze faster than col ... touching the ice tray any heat is conducted away more quickly. Even when the hot water cools to the cold water temperature it will retain this layer of ice and so freeze solid more quickly. In order t ... he hot water is reduced by evaporation, and therefore less hot water freezes more quickly than more cold water. It is one argument but it isn't popular.Convection current argumentFrom a New Scientist ...

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A psychological take on what happens when one overdoses on heroin compared with concepts from "Mindfulness."

ing, my friends tried to do everything they could with what resources they had. They tried throwing cold water on me, they put ice down my pants, and they slapped me around. Nothing seemed to have any ...

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Indoor plumbing

s that flowed into sewers made of stone. Terracotta pipe was laid out of site that provided hot and cold water. Early devices such as our toilets today were prevalent but heavily modified throughout t ... ncement is important. Mainly being the obvious, sanitation. Indoor plumbing provides us with hot or cold running water for drinking or eating and simply being clean. It provides us with a sanitary env ...

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overboard, hurry?""But...but...""Do it quick, hurry!"As Tom jumped so did I. I hit the surprisingly cold water with a crash and swam through the sea illuminated by the flames to find Tom."You okay bud ... t""Great, I can wash out my cut, it really hurts!""Here" I said as I splashed his forehead with the cold fresh water. I knelt down and began to drink the cool clear water. It soothed my salty and sore ...

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rkel it is important to follow certain guidelines before you dive in. Certain checks such as, is it cold? Is there a current? Where are your buddies? Is the spot beyond your skill level? Are there any ... angerous creatures? All of these questions should be answered before you get into the water. Cold water can be very dangerous if you're not prepared. Without the proper wet suit you could possi ...

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Semi-fiction creative, comedic account of event at the airport, of a Japanese immigrant

n the office. I went out to try to see how bad the rain was going to be. It was a light shower. The cold water felt good against my skin, heated up from the exercise. The sensation felt oddly familiar ... d for her sledgehammer of relentless anger smash into my face ruthlessly. Or the merciless knife of cold scorn. I cringed in terror as she opened her mouth. "Oh." She said. I was very su ...

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Acid rain Investigation

th certain elements are detailed below(A) Magnesium with WaterMagnesium does not react readily with cold water but in steam the magnesium lights and leaves behind magnesium oxide and releases hydrogen ...

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White Water is a descriptive essay about a journey on White water rafting.

emembered experiences.I push off from the shore and hop into the raft as I feel my shoe drag in the cold water and soak my sock. As I looked around I noticed that the scenery between in the valley was ...

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'Economic risk has shifted from the government and corporations to workers and their families.'

they will be bailed out by the government when the day of reckoning arrives.Warren and Tyagi throw cold water on this condescending chorus. As they convincingly demonstrate, middle-class complaints h ...

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The feasibility of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Australia

s of OTEC. Results based on conventional air conditioning system suggest that the use of deep ocean cold water may reduce the consumption of electrical energy because the cold water system delivers mo ... scharged from the OTEC plant was found to be rich in nutrients, which allowed it to be used to rear cold-water delicacies. In light of this finding, a possible outcome is the increase in consumer dema ...

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ing us measure the rate when underwater.* Metre Ruler- To simply measure distance between 0-100cm.* Cold Water* Test Tube* Clamp* BeakerMethod:1. Setup the water weed in the first tube facing the lamp ...

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Lab 12: Reduction of an Aldehyde to a Primary Alcohol by Use of NaBH4

110CorrosiveSodium borohydrideNaBH437.831.074505400IrritantCorrosive*Vanillyl alcohol is soluble in cold organic solvents such as ether/alcohol and hot water, but insoluble in cold water.**Caution: Sh ... he flask. Water was added in attempt to flush out the remaining chemicals however the water was not cold enough so the vanillyl alcohol eventually dissolved in the water and was lost. The percentage y ...

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"Mates at War" is written by me and teachers commented on the types of pronouns used and said they could be a little better.

It was a cold day October 15 2002 and I woke up at 1.35 am in hot flushes it happens every night I cant stop ... m war I has haunted me all my life. I strolled down to the kitchen for my medication and a drink of cold water but I am still shaking as I go to pick my broken glass up I look at my old riffle hang up ...

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What Do Children Really Learn In School?

t of my warm and comfortable bed into the floor. I dragged myself to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face. And then it hit me "Sarah!" Sarah was my girlfriend. We had grown up to ... t of my warm and comfortable bed into the floor. I dragged myself to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face.And then it hit me, "Pam!"

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First Time Up

te my breakfast I couldn't stop thinking about how much I would rather be in my bed than out in the cold water doing something that is one of my biggest fears. I remembered what my dad had told me num ... a good breakfast I still had a bad feeling about going out on this gloomy, overcast, morning on the cold, dark water. I walked outside and a morning Tahoe breeze sent the chills down my body as ...

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Hello Joe

here's a theory that the reason why Beethoven began to deafen was because he had a habit of pouring cold water over his head, while composing. The water reached the inside of his ear, and there was a ...

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The End Of Nature Vs. Nurture

de wanted to accept this fact and one of these outraged people even resorted to pouring a bucket of cold water over his opponent's head. After de Waal talked about learning and insti ...

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