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Seasonal Affective Disorder

short essay not entirely in depth could have been more detalied about function of hormonesSeasonal Affective DisorderSeasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a common problem of peopl ... d from the depression. Today light therapy is the most commonly used method in treating SAD.The two hormones that are affected by the sunlight, and are thought to be the cause of SAD, are melatonin an ... ecrease in stress-induced eating" (Scientific American 1986). In each person blood stream we have a hormone known as trypton that is a derivative of serotonin. When it enters the central nervous syste ...

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Anabolic Steroids

es into male athletes to help boost vitality. In the 1930's Aldof Hitler allegedly administered the hormone testosterone to himself and his troops to increase aggressiveness' (Schrof, 54). Athletes ha ... and his troops to increase aggressiveness' (Schrof, 54). Athletes had already begun using the male hormone testosterone to boost performance by the 1940's. The first synthetic anabolic steroid was de ...

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Pituitary Dwarfism

The Pituitary Gland is situated at the base of the brain and it produces hormones which control growth. Too large an amount of these hormones causes giantism, a condition wh ... may be due to the pituitary gland not functioning correctly, resulting in underproduction of growth hormone. This may result from a tumor in the pituitary gland, absence of the pituitary gland, or tra ... ituitary insufficiency that is present, which is the inability of the pituitary to produce adequate hormone levels other than growth hormone.Physical defects of the face and skull may also be associat ...

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Steroid and non-steroid hormones differ in how they affect target cells. Describe the mechanisms involved using specific examples of each. How is it that hormones affect some cells and not others?

A hormone is a product of an endocrine gland that is released into the blood. Hormones regulate develo ... gulate development and activity in target tissues somewhere else at a distance in the body. Steroid hormones include cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. Non-steroid hormones include choleckystokinin ... holeckystokinin, epinephrine, dopamine, insulin, norepinephrine, serotonin, and vasopressin.Steroid hormones, like estrogen, directly affect gene expression in their target cells. These hormones are l ...

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Alexander Technique and Pregnancy.

new center of gravity, which leads to balanced standing.In natural labor, a woman releases oxytocin hormones in the brain, which causes the uterus to contract. Endorphin hormones are also released, wh ... d they also give a sense of well-being. It is important for the mother and baby to not be given any hormones or drugs so that the natural release of these hormones can take place. The 'fight or flight ...

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A critical and in depth analysis of pituitary dwarfism!

d, and to a point cured. This disease is called pituitary dwarfism or more commonly known as growth hormone deficiency. To fully understand pituitary dwarfism, it's symptoms, causes, and treatments, o ... and treatments, one must first understand the significance of the pituitary gland, the function of hormones and the role of growth hormone in the human growth process.The pituitary is a small bean-sh ...

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Understanding Obesity

nt types of obese people.One of the biggest breakthroughs in obesity studies was the discovery of a hormone called leptin. Leptin was originally identified late in 1994 by Rockefeller University resea ... ne grow to several times normal weight and fail to produce leptin or make an altered version of the hormone produced by fat cells (MacPherson and Silverman, 2003). Figure 2 demonstrates how a mouse wi ...

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Endocrine system Notes

release their products into the bloodstream. There products broadcast messaged throughout the body.Hormones are chemicals that travel through the bloodstream and affect the activities of other cells. ... They bind to specific chemical receptors on those cells. Cells that have receptors for a particular hormone are called target cells. If a cell doesn't have a particular receptor or receptors that don' ...

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Women are more powerful than men.

es have a physiological need to reproduce due to testosterone levels. Though females also have this hormone, the amounts are minimal and therefore won't have the kind of desperate desire like males. T ...

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Gender and Testosterone.

turing and docile, and that men aren't supposed to be emotional whilst women are. I know that these hormones have a hand in contributing to these characteristics, but the idea that people of specific ...

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The Endocrine System and the Female Cycle

hich Is also part of the nervous system. Besides these major organs, the system Includes pockets of hormone-producing cells In tissues in the small Intestine, heart, kidneys and stomach. The endocrine ... the small Intestine, heart, kidneys and stomach. The endocrine system develops and begins producing hormones by the end of the second trimester of fetal.In the order of endocrine command, the hypothal ...

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Pregnancy Ang Hormone Changes

any physical changes. "Pregnancy" is when a woman contains an Unborn young within her body, and her hormones take control of her body.Finding out that you are pregnant is kind of hard to accept, wheth ... nant are only half of what a woman goes through during pregnancy, As you read on you will find that hormones have taken place in a pregnant woman's body. When a woman is pregnant, she not only undergo ...

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Anabolic steroids

needed when choosing to take them.Anabolic Steroids are a synthetic for of the naturally occurring hormone, testosterone. Anabolic steroids are used to promote accelerated muscle hypertrophy in both ... ops from testosterone aromatizing in the body and converting to estrogen. Estrogen is the naturally hormone produced in the female body. It is the hormone responsible for female secondary sexual chara ...

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Heredity and Hormones

�PAGE � Heredity and Hormones �PAGE �1� Heredity and HormonesWhat influences humans to behave the wa ... do? Is it caused by heredity passed down from generation to generation or is it influenced more by hormones released in the body? The truth is it is a combination of both heredity and hormones and it ... . To shed light on how human behavior is affected I will compare and contrast the ways heredity and hormones influence human behavior.Genes are essentially the foundation of what makes humans who they ...

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Relationhsip Between Endocrine and Neural Physiology

ology, and molecular biology reveal increasingly intimate relationships between neural function and hormone secretion. The very distinction between a hormone and a neurotransmitter has become blurred. ... and a neurotransmitter has become blurred. It may not be fanciful either to think of a circulating hormone as a signal molecule freed from the confines of a single axon to reach all responsive cells, ...

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