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Mass Customization.

to having to "make-do" with what was being offered. Historically, custom-made suggested a lengthly lead-time, and a significant premium. (In fact, it has become so in-grained that National Bicycle ha ... the industry is accustomed to. This has happened recently in the apparel industry, and has reduced lead-times from months to weeks. Likewise, Ross Controls has reduced lead-times on customized valves ...

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Title: Government Credit Card Abuse / Comment: Someone could better benefit from this essay by adding citations. I wrote this based on personal knowledge on the job.

to replace the paper-based, time-consuming purchase order process, thereby eliminating procurement lead-time, providing transaction cost savings, reducing procurement office workload, and facilitatin ... s must stop the needless loss of taxpayer money by preventing fraud, as well as the conditions that lead to it. Given the rapid growth of purchase cards, ensuring the key controls are in place over th ...

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The Cause of the Grounding of M/V BRAER, How Crew Morale, Equipment Failure and Weather Conspired to Wreck a Tanker

vessel for sea, the extreme weather conditions that the vessel proceed into, and later, the lack of lead time for a rescue tug to prepare for a ship in distress. With all that had gone wrong that day, ... into and down the pipes and into the tanks. As the weather worsened, more ingress of sea took place leading to the beginning of mechanical failure of the main engine.Heavy weather at Gale Force Ten ha ...

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Irish beer case

Logistics Case Study: Introducing Co-Managed Inventory at Guinness GBGuinness was seeking lead time reduction of their inventory to reduce costs and therefore maximize profits. Keeping high ... as a whole was demanding. Even though implementing CMI would increase their profits while reducing lead time inventories, management was overlooking some key factors: they were only concentrating on ...

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The Industry and Background Study of Boeing

r any commercial jet makers, it is necessary to have an up front investment of up to $15 billion, a lead time of 5 to 6 years from launch to first delivery, and the ability to sustain a negative cash ... akthrough in the history of commercial aviation; it allowed Boeing to gain a critical technological lead ever the Douglas Aircraft Company, its closer competitor. To benefit from government assistance ...

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Merloni Elettrodomestici SpA: The Transit Point Experiment

st few years, Merloni has implemented programs that have successfully shortened production-planning lead times and decreased inventory levels. In particular, with the help of a centralized inventory p ... 75%. The production planning time horizon was reduced from four months to three while the required lead-time to firm orders was reduced from two months to one.In line with a new wave of efforts to fu ...

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JIT: Just-In-Time Manufacturing.

is on minimization of warehousing costs/reduced inventories, frequent shipments and short delivery lead times. Management must adopt a method of inventory control which features high inventory turns ... d many benefits including a base for an increase in annual turnover, halving of inventory, a cut in lead time from weeks to days, a drop in labor turnover, and a reduction of waste and re-work levels. ...

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The Theory of Constraints.

e world advances, time becomes an even more important factor to companies. Customers demand shorter lead time and the window in which companies can launch a new product and capture market share is get ...

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Assignment : Supply chain, J. Griffiths Ltd.

Those factories are more competitive and have a higher line of product, a better quality, a shorter lead time... which is very attractive for the customer.The company has two sites : Perry Barr, which ... that the bikes are done quickly and we do not have to waste our motions).We have the problem of the lead time, because, for example, if we have the correct item in stock we will need three days to del ...

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Supply Chain Management Case: Dumala Electronic Supply

ased analysis of the company's inventory policies.Data.We have been given the weekly demand and the lead time (3 weeks) for the typical DES product. There is some variation in the weekly demand but th ... ventory Model (New System)The use of fixed-order period inventory models with long order cycles can lead to the requirement that large amounts of safety stock must be held to maintain high customer se ...

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Hemiplegia Baseball Adaptation Essay

with the batter to 1st base and then take over from there or have the batter have a few seconds of lead time before the ball can be thrown after their hit. I will also allow the batter to either use ...

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JMC-Case Study In Operations Management

om competition. Products JMC made were mostly custom/one time use products made without any cost or lead-time awareness on JMC's customers part. As 1990's came around so did government deregulations, ... the market, different services were required and existing customers were now becoming both cost and lead- time conscious.Prior to deregulation, JMC was a process -oriented shop, where most of the prod ...

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System – Riordan Manufacturing,

hed products to be kept on-hand or ordered monthly to satisfy customer demands without an increased lead time. (Stewart-Frazier Tools, Inc., 1996). One major advantage of Bandwidth Analysis will be th ... n-hand or in-production.MRP will reduce on-hand stock of finished products by up to 30% by reducing lead-times associated with production and procurement of raw materials.Break even point will be real ...

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asizes that the best process for a particular organization should embrace the goals of JIT-reducing lead-time, continuous improvement, flexibility, elimination of waste, shortened cycles and low inven ... a result of using a purely pull system to satisfy volatile demand, we would often have significant lead times and back-orders (which made my job as a sales-rep that much more enjoyable!). By remember ...

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Strategic Brand Analysis - Dell Inc.

retail stores. Dell takes a different approach to eliminate middleman and retail mark-up so shorter lead-time and lower prices can be offered to end users. It creates competitive advantages when compe ... o enhance total customer experience. This type of direct feedbacks from different business segments leads the company to shift along with market preference and facilitate the strategic path in the lon ...

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a chose to outsource a portion of the ECUs to the e-business portal, which provides Kuiper Leda the lead-time necessary to fulfill the safety stock requirements. Kuiper Leda’s customers demand a ... the cost of production. Through the balanced-score card system, Kuiper Leda closely followed events leading to wasted time and costs, which led to the discontinuance of the practices. Kuiper Leda moni ...

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Case: Mail Order in Canada

customer information would be inputted into a database, and supplier would be contacted. A one-week lead time would be necessary so customers would receive their orders within 10 days. Canada Post's P ... must be kept competitive as customers can easily switch to other generic products produced by cost leaders. The products are distributed through retail stores and are advertised through specific targ ...

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Generic Benchmarking, MBA 570

EO of Cisco developed a method for better predicting the future of products with a long development lead-time. Chambers was the first to predict that voice communications would be possible using inter ... Hartley, Berkowitz, and Rudelius, 2006)ResponseBright Paint Company is a decorative painting market leader of the Indian paint industry. The Indian decorative industry is characterized by high working ...

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Custom Fabricators SDLC

t up a very efficient process for fabricating exactly what the plant needs in these parts with very lead time” (Custom Fabricators Inc, 2009). Furthermore, during the late 1980s, Custom Fabricato ... ets and panels for the plant and setting them up with an efficient process along with a very little lead time. In addition, Ben Lawson has set up an automatic process in making the required parts for ...

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Custom Fabricators Inc

t up a very efficient process for fabricating exactly what the plant needs in these parts with very lead time" (Custom Fabricators Inc, 2009). Furthermore, during the late 1980s, Custom Fabricators ha ... ets and panels for the plant and setting them up with an efficient process along with a very little lead time. In addition, Ben Lawson has set up an automatic process in making the required parts for ...

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