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Futility of Standerdized Tests By JumboMoos Presents arguments against the use of standerdized tests and alternative assessments

Standardized TestingAs a sophomore in high school, I have endured years of 'standardized tests.' If we start counting in thir ... e class of 1998 failed the TAAS (18,000 of 28,000). Likewise almost six out of ten Mexican American sophomores scored below the cutoff point on at least one part of the TAAS exam (39,000 of 68,000), w ...

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Public High Schools: Your Childs New Parent?

ple into a package to be tested. This is exactly what happened to Lindsay Earls, a sixteen year old sophomore in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. On June 27, 2002 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 t ...

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Code Hero: The Old Man and the Sea

Sajel LalaMrs. CaloutasSophomore English8 May þ2003þCode Hero"There are many good fishermen and some great ones ...

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The College Dropout

ents will look at her funnyNow, tell me that ain't insecurrreThe concept of school seems so securrreSophomore three yearrrs aint picked a careerrrShe like fuck it, I'll just stay down herre and do hai ...

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Teenage Parenthood By Julz Matheney This essay deals with the hardships of teenage parenthood and statistics in the United States.

nd high hopes of a bright future. This was all put on hold following the birth of my son between my sophomore and junior years of high school.Determined to beat all odds, I unselfishly placed my own a ...

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Community Service

in Midwood is a show put on by the students and for the students, as a competition between Freshmen/Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes. It is also one of our biggest school fundraisers, and most of ... out with set design/production, ticket selling, and ushering. Not only this year but since we were sophomores, enthusiastically giving up our "free time" or lunch periods, or our main day of rest, wh ...

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Navy bootcamp and how it has reflected me

fish in a way not to think about other peoples feelings and thoughts. I left my parents house as a sophomore in high school, so the only thing that I had known is to just deal with my problems as the ...

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Michael Moore's article, "Idiot Nation" complies with Mike Rose's article, "I just want to be Average."...

and Moore.One instance of the instructor lacking the proper training; is shown when Rose, states; "Sophomore English was taught by Mr. Mitropetros...He had little training in English..." this proved ...

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Another day in history

I remember the morning of September 11, 2001. I was a sophomore in high school. My first class of the day was body development, and since the gym did not ...

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My Autobiography

ge, especially since I do speak it a lot better than I do Chinese. I guess you can say that I am a sophomore in college now that we just got our grades back from the spring semester. I have a total ... f schools. I would say that we were pretty good since we were 5th in the state for my freshmen and sophomore years and 7th in my senior. That may seem like it isn't too good but out of fifty schools ...

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An Example of Perseverance in Sports

ing without finishing it. Luckily for me my coach asked me if I wanted to join wrestling again as a sophomore, it would be the first year we would have an in-school program and I excitedly said yes. T ...

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s their conscience in the best and most Christian way is Sara Fahmy. Sara is my cousin and she is a sophomore at Calpolly. I admire her in many different ways. She's a very intelligent girl who always ... tations of being "corrupted". She survived her freshmen year in college and now that she is a sophomore, she is an RA, Resident's Attendant, for her floor in the dorm. I admire the decision that ...

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saw my football coach in the hall and he said that I need to do more wait training or he has got a sophomore who will take my spot. This sophomore couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if he were ins ...

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Problems with looking "un neat" on the playing field As a sophomore on the Cocoa High's Varsity girl soccer team, I can truly say that our appearance on the f ...

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n me recent times would have to be my girlfriend, Julie Seibert.I became friends with Julie late sophomore yeah. We talked online, being introduced to each other by a mutual friend, who happened to ...

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itch schools at the time, so she stayed with our father.I live in New York City with my mom; I am a sophomore at xxxx University. I know that you have a grandmother that lives in New York City in Manh ...

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Michael Jordan

ey High School in Wilmington, North Carolina. Ironically, Jordan was cut from the varsity team as a sophomore. Instead of giving up after failing to make the team, Jordan used it to spur himself to gr ...

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Michael jordan: king of the court

dn't think he was so great at basketball either so they cut him from the varsity team when he was a sophomore.To Michael playing basketball in the NBA "seemed something of a distant dream" (Halberstam ...

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Authoritarian Parenting Styles

and that I can see as a progression across my entire life span is that of parenting roles. Being a sophomore here, I have been on my own for over two years. My parents and I have a very strong relati ...

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When I was fifteen, I stood in front of my

um in Jewish and general studies.After graduation, I studied in Isreal for two years. Today, I am a sophomore at Princton University. I plan to go to law school and maybe rabbinical school.Do I wish I ...

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