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form all of the organism's metabolism within a single cell. Such single-celled organisms are called unicellular. Other organisms are made up of many cells, with their cells specialized to perform dist ...

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Kingdom Protista and the phyla under it.

The most structurally diverse collection of organisms is the kingdom Protista. Most protists are unicellular, microscopic organisms, but a few are complex and multicellular. Protists are also the m ... of cilia, usually arranged in long rows down the body or in spirals around it. Ciliates are complex unicellular heterotrophs. The body wall of ciliates is a tough but flexible outer pellicle that enab ...

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Biome Desert and Food Chain

g dormant (hibernation or estivation). Some plants can survive for many years as seeds. Insects and unicellular life forms can also wait out drought. Sooner or later, however, liquid water is necessar ...

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Introduction to Biology

Biology= the science of lifeorganism= a living thingcell= basic unit of lifeunicellular= made up of one cellmulticellular= made up of multiple cellshomeostasis= balancereproduc ...

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Biology Report of Fungus: Baker's Yeast

term "yeast" refers more to a life-style than to a phylogenetic classification. Yeast refers to the unicellular phase of the life cycles of many different fungi, but it is used more commonly as a gene ... of many different fungi, but it is used more commonly as a generic term for fungi that have only a unicellular phase. The organisms most often called "yeast" such as common baking or brewing yeast ar ...

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Key Points about the Cell Cycle and Cancer

For 5/6 of the history of life, all life was unicellular, and went through the cell cycle on a regular basis. As soon as enough growth had occurr ...

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Cell Membrane

, and yeast are composed of only a single cell. The single celled organisms are described as being "unicellular." However, most organisms are composed of many cells and are described as being "multice ...

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Cells & Organelles Through the Electron Microscope

living things are composed of cells. Some microscopic organisms, such as bacteria and protozoa, are unicellular, meaning they consist of a single cell. Plants, animals, and fungi are multicellular, me ...

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Cellular level organization.

A. Cell Theory1. All organisms, both unicellular and multicellular, are made up of cells.2. Cells are the smallest units of living matter ...

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The effect of temperature on the hatching success of brine shrimps

mouth. These algae are the main food source for newly hatched brine shrimps because they are small, unicellular and have a soft exterior which can be easily digested. However when Dunaliella becomes s ...

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