Oedipus Rex

By Sophocles

Chronology of Important Dates

Important Events
525Birth of Aeschylus
497- 6Sophocles born in Colonus
490Persian defeat at Marathon
490Birth of Pericles
485-4Birth of Euripides
480Persian defeat at Thermophylae and Salamis
479Persian defeat at Plataea
468First victory in tragic competition
456-5Aeschylus' death
447-32Construction of the Parthenon
? 440s Ajax presented
443-2Service as imperial treasurer
? 442 Antigone presented
441-439Elected general
? 430s Trachinae presented
431Start of Peloponnesian War: Athens vs. Sparta
429Pericles' death
? 429-425 Oedipus Rex presented
428-7Birth of Plato
? 420s Electra presented
415-3Athens' unsuccessful expedition against Syracuse
413Service as special state commissioner
409Philoctetes presented
? 406Euripides' death
406-5Sophocles' death
404Fall of Athens, end of war
401 Oedipus at Colonus presented posthumously
399Socrates' death