2 Conflicting Goals Of The Preamble

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In the preamble to the Constitution, our forefathers spelled out the six goals of our government. However, when applying these six goals to everyday life, they tend to contradict on another from time to time. The ideas of securing the blessings of liberty, and insuring domestic tranquility conflict one another more and more each day.

In modern life, our liberties are often trampled by rules and laws, made to insure domestic tranquility. Our rights to free speech and to assemble are often torn to sheds, in order to keep the peace on the home front. When authorities use force to break up public protest, or United States citizens are arrested for threatening public officials, their rights and liberties are being infringed on, in order to insure domestic tranquility.

As a society, we try to limit confrontations between these two goals. We do not make threats, and we have peaceful protest.

We don't force these goals over their limit of there intent. We realize that every rule has an exception, and a person making threats on the president cannot hide behind free speech.

The government tries to keep society living in peace. Knowing that our freedoms when taking to extremes can lead to anarchy, the government sets limits on how far our liberties can be taken to. Once our liberties infringe on domestic tranquility, the government steps in to correct the error. The government realizes the stake of the nation depends on a peaceful country, and that domestic tranquility has priority over all other liberties.

For the most part, the goals that are the bases of our government go hand in hand with one another. Although occasionally the goals to conflict one another. However, some conflict between them is necessary to insure a successful nation.