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Robert E. LeeRobert E. Lee was born and raised in Virginia. As a young boy he always dreamed of becoming part of the army because his family had always fought in American wars. In childhood and later life he had a close friend named Marry Custus. At the age of sixteen Robert joined West Point. He always stood out from the rest of the crowd as he was always at attention and never disobeyed orders.

When Robert was near the age of twenty he went to help in the Mexican Boundaries War. He was with one of the platoons that were sent to Mexico City at the final invasion. By now he was a captain and could command a few men by himself. He was sent out to scout. He and a few men were scouting when they heard talking. It was Mexican soldiers headed toward them.

The two men that were with him were commanded to hide in some trees and bushes. Robert looked around the only close hiding place he could see was a log in the middle of the path. He dove behind it and the Mexicans sat down on it. Robert hid there for hours because the Mexicans wouldn't go away. They eventually went away and he got up and ran back to the rest of the platoons. He told the commanding officer what he'd seen and gave him a strategy that ended up ending the war. Mexico City has two ridges around it. He told the commanding officer to send a squad to go north around the west ridge that they were near. He also told him to send another squad southward on the west ridge shortly after the first had left. The squad headed north would attack and keep the Mexicans...