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The Underground Railroad is something every one should respect. Many people traveled this trail to freedom. They used secret codes so no one other than people that were a part of it would understand their illegal meanings. The conductors of the Underground Railroad really made the slaves travel a lot easer. The greatest conductor still known to day is Harriet Tubman. There were countless reasons that slaves chose to run away.

The Underground Railroad was a happening that involved deep personal commitment, and the defiance of certain laws for the importance of a higher ethnical level. The Underground Rail road was not underground or a railroad. Usually historians describe it as a loosely constructed network of routes that originated in the South, and leaded north to Canada. Escape routes, however, were not restricted to the North, but also extended into western territories, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The rate of failure was said to be just as much as the rate of success.

The operations of the Underground Railroad were strongly based on secret codes that alerted "passengers" when it was safe to travel. There were many of these codes. They were usually common phrases that only other Underground workers would know. One of the phrases that was commonly used to tell workers that they had a group of escapees under the floor of there wagon was "I have a load of potatoes". Another expression used was "the wind blows from the south," which was used to tell the runaways that slave hunters were in town and that they needed to be extremely careful. So it was obvious that the slogans really helped the escapees in there travel to the North, or nearest safe zone, also known as "heaven".

The conductors were great people, and extremely brave by being someone...