The 2nd American revoultion; the civil war

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The civil war has often been called "The second American Revolution," primary because many Americans actually thought they were once again fighting for their freedom and rights. While this is true, the Civil War itself was revolutionary. It was revolutionary in the political, social and economic conduct of the war. Each Revolutionary conduct of the war impacted America then and some still impact the world today.

Politically specking The Civil War brought about new ways or revolutionary ways of taking charge of a country during a war. Such thinking and ways includes the six things President Lincoln did with the Constitution. First of all, he ordered a blockade when it wasn't his call to do so. Lincoln then took two million dollars out of the treasury and increased the size of the army with out going to congress. He also suspended Habeus Corpus, which was guaranteed by the constitution and gave people rights like right to a speedy trial.

He used Martial law or Military rule to keep every thing running smoothly. Lincoln then took away freedom of Speech and Press, the first Amendment, when he shut some newspapers down.

Socially things changed with ways of the conduct of the Civil War. Both sides needed soldiers especially north, so for the first time in American History a draft was issued called the conscription law. Unfortunately, the wealthy were able to get out of fighting by substitutions, where they would pay the government money and find a replacement. Both the North and South allowed exemptions for $300. In the South, masters with 20+ slave were also exempt. The poor people especially the new immigrants at this time became very upset and started rioting. Also to get people to join the army the Government used bounty brokers, people who were...