The North Doesn't Need the South Why didnt the north need the south at the time of the civil war...

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The North Doesn't Need the South

We have an advantage over the south. They do not see that we can survive without them. Spending all their time growing the main cash crop cotton has led them no where. Here in the North we have grown so much within our industry. The large amount of land has proven to be very useful. The total value of goods manufactured here is just a bit over $1 billion. This expansion can be traced directly to the American Industrial Revolution. Our good friend Eli Whitney's invention had began in the south. He realized that they would not readily accept change and decided to bring it up here. He saw how willing we were to try anything and knew that we would make his dream of mass production a reality. Pushing Whitney away was a big mistake of the south. Although it did help them out at first, it is now benefiting us.

We now no longer need cotton from the south because we can make out own! T H E N O R T H I S T H E B E S T !